From the Year 2000 we have practised, flowered and honed the ability to drink through our noses into the nasal cavity to feed, cool and evolve the brain.DSC_3384

The technique of nasal drinking was borne out of Amaroli or urine therapy. In 2000 the inventor, Kelly Ra, found a way to facilitate the passage of elixir/urine up through the nose. For about 2 years, we only drank elixir through the nose, preparing the pathways until we started drinking mineral water. From there, we experiemented with all manner of liquids including fruit and vegetable drinks, essenses, collodials, soup, tea, hemp milk, hemp oil and coconut milk to name a few.

Kelly Ra integrated a unique exercise he invented called the Pyramid Process and we have developed it over many years both in the water and on land. It is a superb way to keep fit and stay supple. It completely complements our way of life. It is a variation on the bridge/crab. He has also invented his own swimming technique that tones and builds muscle in a calm manner. We also enter the lotus both in water and on land.

In the bedroom, we are also practising Taoists, prefering to maintain an equilibrium with the female and not relinquish any precious essences.

We have learned from Sahaja Yoga Meditation that respecting ones own chastity is a fundamental part of our spiritual nature and that such intimacy is to be practiced with ones wife/husband only.

We meditate daily and reach a state called Thoughtless Awareness as taught in Sahaja Yoga.

Our choice of food is primarily super green organic foods such as salad, vegetables, fruit and hemp seed. The elixir through the nose creates an inner (gold) spring that converts essence (green food) into vitality and sustenance at a high rate.

We have written a free book sharing all the information about our way of life detailing the philosophy, benefits and insights from medical doctrine (eastern and western). The book provides a practical step-by-step guide with photos. The book is called,

‘The Experiences of Drinking Elixir Through the Nose Inspired from Enlightened and Not-so-Enlightenend Masters’

It also includes information and perspective on:

Sun Healing

Religious Teachings
Lucid Dreaming

Enlightened Masters   
Poetry and Music Healing

Personal Accounts
Astrological Information

Crystal Healing

Obtain a free downloadable copy of The Experiences of Drinking Elixir Through The Nose eBook.

Your donations will be hugely appreciated as both Kelly Ra & I would like to start teaching from a detox retreat in the near future and will need assistance with the travel funds. Namaste