We have invented Blessed Water Yoga centred around drinking through the nose, an ability discovered by Kelly Ra in the year 2000 – now honed and flowered with our way of life.

At the foundation of our way is Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and her most beautiful gift, Sahaja Yoga Meditation. It must be stated that all of the techniques we have shared in our book and on social media are not part of SY Meditation doctrine. We have integrated them in our own way.

We are not claiming the Shri Mataji has suggested we practice them. We are presenting them on our own and we request that each person or Yogi uses their own discretion and intuition when deciding what’s best for them.

While the Blessed Water Yoga does not form part of the teachings of Sahaja Yoga, we have benefitted in auspicious ways from its life giving blessings.

Through Kelly Ra’s inventiveness, we can now drink anything through the nose, and we do regularly, to feed, nourish and cool the brain.

We are also able to generate huge amounts of sustenance through Kelly Ra’s own Pyramid Process Fitness both on land and in water.

Further we may derive life giving properties through holy Taoism with our own wives (once married).

We have made this website and have written a book detailing all the secrets.

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